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On the 3rd of March, 2012, Anapnea went down. The original founder of Anapnea, Kaepora, no longer had time to manage Anapnea and ensure the security and stability of the system.

Following that, all data that was stored on the server, including user accounts and registration data, was lost. A placeholder page was put up on http://anapnea.net stating that Anapnea had closed.

We are proud to say that this is no longer the case. Following tremendous work by miniBill, Maff, and the rest of the Anapnea community, a new server is now online and we're slowly regaining users.

FOR OLD MEMBERS, please remember that all data was lost. There are no backups of anything. Any data you had in your homedirs or in your webspace is gone. We don't have records of old members beyond what we can find in our IRC logs. If you would like an account on the new system, please contact miniBill or Maff by talking to us in-channel (please don't PM us) and we will gladly welcome you back.

FOR NEW MEMBERS, we are now fully accepting user registrations. If you would like an account, contact a member of staff in-channel (please don't PM or email us asking for an account). Before doing so, please make sure you read, understand and agree to our terms of service.

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